From the earliest years of her career preparation, Ms. Anderson received crucial assistance from numerous sources including her family, church, and community.

The Marian Anderson Award believes that artists in our community must be given the support needed to help make career ambitions possible. In support of that belief, and inspired by the outpouring of assistance that makes Marian Anderson’s dreams a reality, the Award created the Young Artist Study-Grant (YASG) program, designed to support high school-age artists who have financial challenges. Funds raised through the annual Award Gala help support this initiative.

Along with the grants provided through the annual YASG program, since 1998 the Marian Anderson award has invested more than $500,000 in free public programs, commissions, residencies and grants to artists.

To learn how you can support the award’s work in helping the development of young artists, please contact the award office at 215-893-1837.

The Young Artist Study Grant Program is administered in partnership with the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.